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The Arnott’s Group Story


Arnott’s. A family. A brand. A past. A future. A Group.


It all started in 1865. Armed with little more than a knack for baking and an optimistic willingness to succeed, William Arnott opened his first bakery in Hunter Street, Newcastle.


And so, it continued and over the past 155 years, Arnott’s has grown to become piece of Australia’s history, an iconic Australian company with brands loved the world over. Generations of Australians have shared treasured moments by enjoying the simple pleasure of a delicious Arnott’s biscuit and a cup of tea.


The Arnott’s family legacy has infiltrated every part of the Arnott’s culture, from the red trucks that delivered biscuits across the country, to the brightly decorated Arnott’s tins and the parrot which has become a much-loved national symbol in its own right.


Inspired by this legacy and fueled by a resolute spirit to grow, the Arnott’s Group is born.


As a standalone organisation, based and run in Australia the Arnott’s Group unites a collection of leading consumer brands connected by their purpose, to create delicious moments for consumers across the world. Together we celebrate our extraordinary heritage while looking forward and cultivating our brands for many generations to come.


About The Arnott’s Group

The Arnott’s Group portfolio of brands continues the 155 year legacy of the Arnott family, providing quality, great-tasting food to create delicious moments for consumers across the world.


Employing over 2,900 people in markets across Asia Pacific, The Arnott’s Group is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with Arnott’s operations in Auckland, New Zealand and bakeries in Western Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Bekasi, Indonesia.


In addition, the portfolio includes Campbell’s products in Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan, and manufacturing operations in Shepparton, Australia and Malaysia.




The Arnott’s Group is home to several of Australia’s most iconic and beloved brands. As a familiar household name with dominant market share and penetration, our brands touch the lives of millions of consumers around the region each and every day. Click below to find out more about our hero brands.