The Arnott’s Way

Our Purpose


Whilst our objective is ambitious growth, our purpose is simple: to create delicious moments, in all that we do, every day, and with everything we make. ‘Create’ is such an important word, because as a proud and independent business, we have the power to shape our future. We can be agile with how we work, and innovate to respond to consumer trends, and manage our business in a way that benefits people and the planet.


What We Stand For


There are the four things we agree to everyday when we step into our whites on site, or pull on our branded polos, or turn on our laptops.


Fostering equality, diversity and sustainability through our work


Where all employees, current and future are treated equally. Where we are rich with diversity, across cultures, gender and geographies well as diversity of thought. Where we create a world, better than the one we received.


Enabling high performance, with integrity


We need to operate as a high-performance business to achieve our objectives, but that should not come at the expense of our professional and personal integrity.


Balancing decisions from our head and heart


Making bold decisions and being competitive is critical to our success, but we must balance these choices with our moral obligations.


Delighting our consumers every time


Consumers, the people who buy and enjoy our products are our number one priority.

They should be at the heart of every decision we make and every dollar we spend.



Our High Performance Culture


Our culture is one of agility, speed, with the spirit of a startup, whilst leveraging the strength and soul of Australia’s most beloved brand.


Our culture is unique as we are a standalone business, where every team member has the opportunity to make an impact, felt right across the organization. The opportunity is real. Our success is achieved through how we perform and grow, which enables us each to thrive. 



While our ambition is to be a regional powerhouse of consumer food brands, our purpose is simple; to create delicious moments, in all that we do, every day, across everything we make. Our culture empowers our ambition by enabling high performance with integrity and balancing business decisions from our head and heart.


Our culture is special because we all choose every day to Lead from the Front, Grow Talent and Win the Right Way. We don’t rest with words on a wall, we win with and through our people because we unlock ownership and accountability – our special ingredient for our talent to shine.


Your growth at The Arnott’s Group is the secret to our success, when you win, we win. Career moments are created through advancement and promotion or the broadening of your capability through ownable projects. We understand that you are the key ingredient in your career growth.


Supporting Intrapreneurship with the Ideas Kitchen


In January 2020, one of our sales employees realised that Arnott’s had no process to capture & develop great employee ideas. So he pulled together a team of four co-workers, who all carved out time from their days to build out the initiative and a supporting business case.

Within a couple of months, they’d shared the “Ideas Kitchen” platform with the CEO and secured the funding to bring it to life.



The Ideas Kitchen launched in August 2020 and is already capturing innovative employee ideas that support our business priorities.


As a standalone, locally-based firm, Arnott’s is uniquely positioned to bring great ideas to life.


Can’t wait to join us?

We create delicious moments for our consumers everyday

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